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    Hi guys,

    I'm in the middle of my First Car Pc install and have some questions regarding the sound.

    Here's what i have :

    BMW 320 e46 March 04, it has the BMW business Head unit with a boot cd changer.

    I simply want some sort of Aux Input so i can run my sound into it.

    So, i tried a BMW Aux Adaptor from my local dealer in th UK, tried it and it does not work, the dealer told me after selling it to me that my car is not compatible.

    Now i'm stuck, i know of FM Modulators that exisit and are even wireless however heard the quality is really bad, need your inputs ?

    Need to know what other options i have, please bare in mind i dont have any amps so i cant use inputs on them.

    Thanks guys,
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    this is a difficult problem that a lot of people have. I recommend you get an amplifier. Its risky and dangerous to hack into your head unit.
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      Again, if you're willing to take the risc.. buy a part that you can replace, such as a tape module and modify it to get you an aux-in.
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        Search on Blitzsafe, SoundGate, and P.I.E. or just go look at


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          dont mean to jack your thread but i have a similair mounting a screen above my stock headunit and will be keeping it in my car ..but i need some way to get sound from the system. i plan to make a switch so i can switch back and fourth from LCD(carputer) to my stock headunit. any idea on what piece i can buy to split the connections

          let me know



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            Same problem as well here. I looked into a PIE and it seems expensive, and all the amps in my pricerange dont have spare inputs.

            Crutchfield suggested using rca splitters and a toggle switch type thing to switch between headunit and carputer going to the amp. Has anyone attempted this?
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              only thing is my car doesnt have any rca outputs or anything...i have the stock non HK headunit, is there some way to convert it to an rca output..then i would still need a way to to plug it into my headunit and my carputer?


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                The amps I was looking at convert speaker level inputs to RCA via adaptors. (I also dont have rca out on my headunit).

                I guess a PIE wont work for you because you already are using the CD Changer, and a pie uses an empty changer plug for inputs.

                Try searching for speaker level to rca converters.
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                  would this work


                  and then i plug rca's from my desktop into there, and then just splice those wires and make a switch??


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                    Looks good, but dont let me be the final word (i'm still new in the car audio scene). Can someone confirm?
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                      that will only be good for 2 channels. It's been attempted, but I've never seen a successfull run on the attempt of using that loc from the source through RCA wires to the high level side to the speakers. You wouldnt be able to get enough power to the speakers that way.
                      Maybe if you tried a line driver but those are only built for adjusting a signal before it goes to an amp. I've never attempted it that way.
                      What I would suggest is to use the LOC, you would need 2 of them one for the fronts and one for the rears. Hookup the LOC to the cherished stock radio so you'd have RCAs out from there. There are some switching devices out there that would allow you to switch from one source to another. Or it could be built from a serries of 8 relays if you want to get difficult.
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