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GM Bose Head Unit Questions

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  • GM Bose Head Unit Questions

    Does anyone know if the Bose 6 disk changer HU in 04 GMC (Yukon) has a built in amp or does it use an external amp.

    If it uses an external amp, are the inputs to the amp amplified at the HU or are they line in?

    I am hoping to use the line out on my computer to feed the factory amp. I have heard that the speakers installed with Bose factory systems are 1 or 2 Ohms and will wreck havoc on an after market amp that is installed.

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    i believe the Amp on the GM/Bose radios are external


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      Thanks - you wouldn't know if the inputs are amplified or line-in would you?


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        Most GM Bose systems are externall amplified and require an interface module to integrate to the factory amp(s)... One good place to look up info would be and just look around. You're bound to learn something there. We use that a lot in the install bay along with Techsoft... anyway, hope that link helps a little.


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          All of the Bose i've worked on the amps were external. Most of which were mounted directly on the speaker itself. You will have 4 wires going to each speaker. 1 is 12V ground for amp, 1 is 12V+ for amp, 1 is + for speaker, 1 is - for speaker. Get a multi-meter and with the radio on unplug from the amp and figure out which wire is which. After that the easy work-around is to just cut and solder the wires, then cover with heat shrink.

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            the amp should be under the glove box near the right kick panel, the amp is a high level input i belive, how ever your radio has no switched power only a constant it reli on a data-bus signal to tell it to turn on and off, door chimes etc. run thru the stereo.
            you maybe able to find a prifreal adapter made for corvets that alowws you to connect an afftermarket changer and it has AUX inputs so that you can flip a swicth and inject another audio signal


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              Thanks. From what I have learned so far is that you can get an external module the plugs into the databus to run the door chime and DIC inormation messages. I will pull a speaker to see if the amp is there. I thought the AC was under the glove box. I know that the factory sub is under the center console.

              Thanks all...


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                No, module for the databus, they have radio relocation kits for some of the GM cars to keep the door chime and for some if you dissconect the radio the airbags have problems, the onstar interface may work that way but i dont remeber. (never realy cared about door chimes nor did my customers)

                the amp use to be under the dash, i rember now though. (had to double check) its under the center console where your sub is.

                you can get a module to interface with the facotry deck THAT MIGHT work to add a aftermarket chaneger this module was buiilt for the corvetts it has an aux input and a switch allowing you to inject a secound audio signal and stop the changers audio signal. but you have to have a changer conected to it in order for it to work.

                You could how ever tie in to the amp input from the deck and figure away to isolate the stereos output with a switch dissconecting the stereos output to the amp.
                I dont remeber if the amp stays on all the time (with the ignition) or if its controled by the stereo and databus. if the amp stays on with the stereo off you maybe be able to wire to the amp directly and not worry about anything else. just make sure the stereos positve outputs dont rest at ground


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                  I think this is what you want:

                  "The AAI-GM24 is a standalone auxiliary input for most 2003-2004 GM vehicles. Unlike our AAI-GM12, the AAI-GM24 works with vehicles that do not come with factory XM, factory DVD or factory external CD changer. The AAI-GM24 will have two auxiliary inputs selectable by the headunit's button. Even works in most vehicles with the factory 6 disc in-dash head units. Thee AAI-GM24 aux input is the first in the industry to use the steering wheel or radio buttons to send out commands to PAC's optional SWI-X which can be used to control an MP3 player, DVD, VCP or most devices that use an infrared remote. Application guide coming soon. Note: The AAI-GM24 will not work for S10, SSR, TrailBlazer, Envoy or Bravada vehicles."

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                    Yes, I actually have that, but what I was looking for was to pull the factory HU and replace it with an LCD and use the computer as a low level line out to the amp - if the amp has low level ins - which it doesn't seem to have, but I haven't tested it yet.


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                      Has anyone relocated the factory radio? I'd like to move it down to the center console so I can put a screen in the dash. My searches haven't been turning up much info yet
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