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multi stereo outs?

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  • multi stereo outs?

    well first off nOOb here.......but have done my fair share of but anywyas here is my question. I will be using the norm probably lillyput touch,
    pos mII1oooo and the componets, hard drive ect.. oh ya and 150w opus...
    anyway i am using my stock monsoon head unit (vw 2001 gti) tape deck with using the (winamp) plug in ect..

    so here is my problem as i am not that slick with the actual computer
    software/settings NOTE..dont know what kind of sound card will acheive
    my wants (can be either pci or usb no worries to me either way)
    1)i want the mp3s (winamp)..voice navigation (undesided as yet)
    and dvd (undesided) to play threw the stereo...
    Ok bare with me here plz..
    a) as i know how to get the sound to my adapter and
    such (this is not my worry) using 1/8 jack to rca or
    using a usb hi-fi to usb adapter (more expensice)
    2) the dumb little catch is i want versitilty
    a) mp3 plays threw car stereo
    b) dvd goes to headphones for passengers
    c) third out for random program prob nav voice
    (but not necisary i was thinkin of useing my
    headrest speaker i made for the navi)
    3) im not worried about the amplifaction of the aduio as i know
    how to remedy all that stuff
    4) so basically i would like to have three seperate audio outs each
    program having its own source source ect...
    5) but mp3s always play so if i put on a dvd for the passengers
    they just plug in there headphones and hear the movie while
    I hear the mp3 threw the car stereo(no dvd sound at all)
    and navigation goes to the headrest speaker who ever care it is very easy to install speakers
    inside ur headrest u would never know there was speakers
    in it....good for hands free cell phone ect.

    Not sure if i really made myself clear enough but this is my first post+ i am retarded anyways i would love to here some input and anyone with extensive knowledge of robotics or microcontrollers and dc motors and servos i would love to have a chat about it so email me ect any and all help would be much apreciated.
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    button and flips back to stock when i turn off
    the car

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    I think you have 2 options. 1.) Get a stand-alone DVD Player and screen(s) for the passengers to watch DVDs. or 2.) Install multiple soundcards and find an app that will route certain programs to a certain sound card. Problem is that you might have driver conflicts running multiple sound cards. Just my $.02
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      dodgetimes2 thanks for ur quick replay i apreciate the input as i thought i might have to go that route but thought maybe i was overlookin sumin....anyother ideas out there or is this basically the only way to go


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        what if i used bluetooth headsets can i have the dvd software audio be in a sense sent to the bluetooth audio gateway to the headsets?????


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          Originally posted by john_draws
          what if i used bluetooth headsets can i have the dvd software audio be in a sense sent to the bluetooth audio gateway to the headsets?????
          As long as you have the software to do it. Hey if you had a 6.1 channel sound card you could send one source through the front two channels second through the back two channels and another source though the other two channels. However you still need the software to be able to do that, and if there was software out there im not sure how well it would work.


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            I would possibly be interested in this software as well, and I'm sure many people here also. One of the problems for those of us that still have a head unit is that if we want to hear navigation voice, it's not possible with listening to the radio or CDs from the head unit. Only when the head unit is listening to AUX.

            Is it possible to tell the programs themselves to play out of different channels?
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              I've been trying to find software like that. I guess we basically need something that creates a few virtual sound cards, that we can then map to the different outputs on our "real" sound card. In john draws case, he'd need 3 of them. One would send output to the front pair, one to the rear, and one to the center/sub output. You would be able to set which "sound card" each program uses.


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                I dont know if origanal posters in this thread is still checkin it but this thread might help you out it will do what i want it to do. use usb sound card for winamp and navigation into my headrest speakers from motherboard onboard sound. im sure most of u know this already but maybe it will help someone out.