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PC Power Supply and Car Amp

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  • PC Power Supply and Car Amp

    This is for experimental purposes, not a permenant setup or install. I was wondering if I could use a PC power supply (300-350watt) to power a car amp (Orion XTR 500.4) in my house using the 12volt rail? I couldn't find how many amps the amplifier needs to operate.

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    Car stereos use 15 Amps peak. Powering a car stereo off a computer supply will work pretty well. Get a Y adapter do that you don't cut any of the power supply's factory parts. Use the yellow wire for power and the black wire next to it for ground. You'll need speakers around too.
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      if the amp rating on the 12v rail exceeds the amp rating on the amplifier..then yes. otherwise no. it looks like the amp will do 62 watts rms x 4 at 4 ohms... (thats about 250 watts total). (250 / 12 ~ 21). so your PSU would have to put out 21 amps on the 12 volt MIGHT be ok if you dont turn the amp up too high... i wouldnt suggest it, however
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        My power supply has 24 amps on the 12 volt rail, so I guess it'll work. I'm only going to have two 10" subs hooked to it...on just the back channel, at 4ohm I think.


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          o 4 x 125 watts RMS @ 2.0 ohms
          o 2 x 250 watts RMS @ 4.0 ohms


          if u run 2 subs in bridged mode you get 500WRMS, which is about 42 amps @ 12v, remember that this dosent included the inefficiencies of the amp, ie the part that is wasted as heat. If you try this i suggest you dont turn it up very loud at all!!
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            I'm actually going to run it like the 4x125 at 2ohm, back channels only, no front channels

            I was mistaken too, I'm at 2ohm....I had mistakenly try bridging the channels once, and it kept blowing fuses, until I realized I was at 2ohms instead of 4.


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              ask for help

              i had a 6 ohm 3 ways speaker, and a computer power supply,how can i plug it with the car amplifier?