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Pioneer DEH-P750MP + CD-RB20 AUX = Goodness

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  • Pioneer DEH-P750MP + CD-RB20 AUX = Goodness

    Just wanted peeps to know that I just installed a CD-RB20 in my car's audio system which had an existing DEH-P750MP HU, XM Tuner and CD Changer. The AUX is now hooked up to my 'testbed' CarPC and didn't get any humming or weird noises (good grounding is key) straight off the on-board audio with terrific SNR.

    CD-RB20 cost me $39 + S/H on eBay. And $1.49 at Radio Shack to splice into the Battery+, Battery+ Output, and ground on the existing wiring in the trunk.

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    Sweet man. You can build an AUX in cable for about $10. Now granted, with your situation you can keep your changer and XM controller, so that's awesome. But if somebody else is looking for just an AUX in cable, look around on the forum for a pinout.
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