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    I plan to be running a Sound Blaster Audigy NX on my system. My car ('95 Lincoln Continental) is equipped with 6 stock speakers: 2 front doors, 2 rear doors, 2 rear deck. I also plan to connect a sub box in the trunk (1 or 2 subs).

    My questions are as follows:
    What would be the best way to connect the speakers to my system? Should I replace all the stock speakers? What would be the best type of amp to use for this setup? I assume I will be going from the Audigy with Y adaptors to RCA to hook to the amp, but what channels should I use? Can I hook a sub up the amp without its own channel? Does the Audigy have its own bass output? I obviously want my music (standard CDs/MP3s) to come out of all my available speakers; if I use the surround sound outputs of the Audigy, will regular music come out sounding properly without being encoded in some surround format? Also, will any actual surround sound standard be supported for DVDs or such?

    I know I'm asking a lot of questions but there's a few points I'm clueless on regarding audio and I'd greatly appreciate getting this dilemma solved. Thank you for your time.

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    Well this is just my opninion. Trash all the rear speakers or at least trash on set of the rears. Get you some components for the front. Get you a sub. If you need to keep one of the rear sets then you'll need a four channel amp to run the four front speakers on four channels or you could use a four channel amp to run the front four on two channels and the sub bridged on the the two channels that are left. If you go with four channels for the front then you'll need another amp (2channel-mono) for a sub. As far as the surround sound goes there are a few topics about that already. Read up on them and get as much info out of them as you can and then ask questions on what you don't understand. You have some questions that are pretty simple to answer, but I think you need to read up so you have a better idea of what direction you want to go. That way you can ask more specific questions.
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      Audobahn has a 6.1 channel amp that would be suitable. You'd have front, side & rear speaker pairs and your sub. Replacing your speakers at the same time is an option, I don't know what your stock speakers are like.
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