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aftermarket headunit with RDS?

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  • aftermarket headunit with RDS?

    I want to replace my Ford Focus' factory 6-disc head unit, but I there is one problem. I cannot find a single aftermarket HU with the one feature my factory HU has that I absolutely love. That feature is RDS.

    Practically every FM station in my area broadcasts RDS info. The majority of them send song titles. Two of them show weather conditions, forecasts, and weather alerts. Another even broadcasts traffic alerts saying exactlly which street the accident occured on and if on the freeway what mile markers and/or exits it occured between!

    However, every headunit I have looked at lacks RDS! While practically all Euro aftermarket headunits from the same manufactuer have RDS. And I can't get a euro market HU because of frequency differences. Unless someone knows of a Euro HU that can be switched to US standard frequencies.....

    Does anyone know of headunit from ANY manufactuer with at LEAST the following features?

    full or even partial RDS functionality
    plays CDs (duh!)
    plays mp3s (could care less about WMA)
    has AUX input (or the possibility of AUX input with an adapter)
    seprate sub control with built in crossover control.

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    steve, the euro head units do use different frequencies, the US frequencies are limites to odd tenths of a Mhz: e.g. 97.1 97.3 97.5. European head units can go into both odd and even frequencies.

    So, the euro ones should work fine in the states cos they can tune into both odd and even frequencies. So dont rule them out, they will work fine if u are prepared to filter through the even tenths.

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      pioneer makes all kinds of head units with rds. and all your other requirements.


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        Originally posted by D-Rob76
        pioneer makes all kinds of head units with rds. and all your other requirements.

        What models exactlly? Looking on their website I see no mention of RDS on any of the models listed.


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          download avic-x1 manual.

          sigh... the single most useful function for LA driving, and we won't have it until next year (navtraffic).


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            My Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X869 has RDS. The other similair models should too.


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              Try this one: It's a Blaupunkt and says it's got RDS. Price is $549 though which seems a bit steep to me, especially for a Blau.