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aux connect vs dirrect to amp audio?

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  • aux connect vs dirrect to amp audio?

    Just wondering - how many of you are using an Aux connection (from your car-pc to the rear of a cdplayer) to drive the audio -vs just running audio dirrectly to an amp

    Just wondering if there was any down side to using an Aux connection on the deck -

    thanks guys

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    there is no time whatsoever that going ot the radio would be bad.

    maybe that you are adding another device in teh signal line, that may be detrimental to the quality of sound. but the potential benefits far outweigh any cost, either hte one I suggested, or any others that may be predicted.


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      I go right to the amp.
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        The only trouble I see is that when you add devices to the chain, you increase the potential to inject noise and the potential for "ground loops". Ground loops were the biggest issue I ever saw roll into my shop in the 7 years I spent in car audio.

        If you go straight to the amp, you will eliminate a couple of places for noise to get in, but lose the volume control on your radio (I like having a nice "master" control though).

        Just do a search on google for "ground loop" and "engine whine". You will find LOTS of sites that can help you eliminate the potential for that. A couple of good grounding rules follow:

        1. Locate a heavier piece of metal on the car, do not just tap a screw into the floorboard. Something like a factory bolt works nice, as the metal around it i generally thicker than open sections of steel.
        2. Ground as many of your audio devices to the same point. This way they will all have the exact same reference for ground, lowering the potential for noise entry. Yes, even the head unit.
        3. Use heavy gauge wires for ground. Don't skimp on the ground. If the positive used a 10 gauge wire, the ground should too.

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