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best usb audio card?

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  • best usb audio card?

    i've been looking at a few usb sound cards and would like opinions...

    i've looked at the Phillips, SB Audigy and a few others. who likes what, and why?

    i will be using it for mp3s and dvd. no gaming due to my 400MHz cpu/128MB laptop.


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    I've heard bad things about the USB audigy2 NX, espc. for DVD playback. Personally I love my USB SB Live! MP3+, it's cheap and sounds great. A few people choose the extigy, I hear it has great sound quality, but lots of power needs. Also, many people choose to go with M-Audio USB cards.
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      yes, i have an M-Audio sound card for my PC (Audiophile 24/96) and i like it. i am looking at lower-cost alternatives first, but i may decide in the end to go with a more expensive/better quality card.



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        I have the audigy 2 nx and it works great!!! better SQ then my pioneer 940mp deck. I have never had any of the playback problems that people talk about. However I am running a Athlon 1700+ with 512 megs of ram


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          I have an USB SB Live! MP3+ with an Audiobahn A6004t amp, and I couldn't be happier.


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            You might be ok with the mp3+. I went from the onboard audio of an EPIA to the Audigy NX and could definately hear the sound quality improve. The Audigy NX sure sucks up a lot of juice (CPU) though, especially when running on the slow EPIA mobo.. On the plus, it also has 24-bit DACs and more channels (if you want to run software crossover like me). Another drawback is you need to provide about 1A of regulated 5V to the device. Luckily you don't need to push the power button to turn it on, just apply power. (Don't know if the mp3+ works the same way)
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              Also I forgot to mention the software from Creative is really SLOOOOW.. and takes up a heck of a lot of diskspace.. and if you lose your CD or it becomes unreadable (mine did) you have to pay for the drivers.. (no download available). My conclusion for the Audigy NX was: Great piece of hardware, ****ty software.
              EPIA CL-6000E mobo powered by 12V 55W PSU
              Creative Audigy 2 NX
              Samsung 152V 15" LCD panel (VGA, 1024x768)


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                My Creative MP3+ is the clearest sounding device (problem solver) that plays anything (musicwize) in my vehicle. Inline FM is OK as long as you have no noise to begin with and a good ground. Onboard Sound almost always has some noise with it.
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                  If you use the optical output on an onboard soundcard is OK?? WIll you still have noise?
                  I am intending to use with a PXA-H900!!!
                  I would like to use the USB Audigy, but how could I get 5V regulated at 2,5A? I won't 1.5A for USB hub and Audigy!!!


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                    I ran both the Soundblaster MP3+ and the Audigy 2NX.. both of these are usb and have great sound quality.. I switched to the Audigy because i wanted optical inputs from my XMPCR. The difference was amazing. I wish i has optical in for everything! The DVD issue with the Audugy is because you need to upgrade the firmware to accept the 24bit decoding. A word of advice, be sure not to use a USB DVD drive.. think about the sheer amt of data that is going through the usb bus. I have a firewiare slotload DVD drive and it seems to run great with no problems.
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                      i went ahead and bought the mp3+. it was cheap at $40.

                      but, i am running Win98 and the mp3+ needs Win98SE or better, so i'll be upgrading to XP this weekend. needless to say, i haven't heard it yet...but i am looking forward to it!

                      thanks for the advice!