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Aux connector on blaupunkt

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  • Aux connector on blaupunkt

    Hi, im planning out my system at the moment..

    I was wondering does my head unit (blaupunkt boston c20) have an aux input..

    So i ripped it out to take a look...
    anyhow it has this weird connection at the back.. looks like an old style keyboard connector.. anyone know what this is?
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    blaupunkt dealer sold me a CD-changer to stereo mini converter for my HU for $15...
    car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects


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      oh, that might be a possibility, ill look into it..
      its a pretty old radio though and im not sure about spending cash on it

      in the long run ill be getting an amp so i think ill probably spend the money on an amp..

      so that keyboardy connector is for hooking up adaptors and such?
      and an aux connector is the same as a cd changer?

      sorry im a bit of a rookie at all this audio stuff..