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Best audio solution for me?

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  • Best audio solution for me?

    I'm going to use a travla c134 case with epia m10000 motherboard. i'd like to output the sound via rca's directly from the carputer to my component amp and my sub amp...

    should i get a usb soundblaster, usb m-audio, extigy, use the mobo's outputs? sq is important and i'll be having the carputer replace my hu and do everything it did (fm, cd) plus mp3s, navigation, tv, dvds, etc

    i'd like it to be powered directly from the epia...i'll be using one of those new cnx-p1260 60 watt dc-dc psus, so power consumption of the different options may be an issue...

    what's the best sounding solution?
    what's the best value solution (sound per $)?


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    I have your exact setup with the exception of me using a morex case, I'm also a SQ freak.
    I plan on purchasing a PCI Audigy2, I see them on ebay in the $50-$100 range, the USB probably costs about the same.
    from everything I have read, listened to, and gathered from speaking to my friends it is a great soundcard, and has been mentioned alot on these forums. And if I recall correctly it has 4v preout which is a big plus when hooking it directly to an amp.


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      Are you sure on the preout for that Audigy card. I thought it was a lot less.
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        that's why I made the comment "If I recall correctly"
        I was planning on doing a search just to doublecheck myself, but I don't know why I would have that in my head if I didn't read it somewhere.