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How do I power a USB soundcard?

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  • How do I power a USB soundcard?

    Hi all

    I've finished buying parts for my project, except for my soundcard.

    I'm planning on a soundblaster audigy 2 nx

    How do I power this? It looks like it has a AC/DC adapter to power it...

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    You can power it from the 5v rail on your PSU or build or use a 5v DC-DC regulator. Just make sure your supply can provide enough current. IIRC, the Audigy uses upto 1.5A @ 5V.
    2004 4runner


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      yes... you should be able to run it right from a molex connector on your PSU. that, or you can get an inverter.


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        Makes perfect sense. I can run 5V from my opus. do I run the 5V from the opus to the DC input jack on the Audigy? This is prolly a dumb question...but please spell it out for me. Can I buy a DC jack that has just a +ve and ground wires coming from it, then hook those into the 5V of the opus? And where to buy that? Or can I just cut the AC/DC adapter off of the cord that comes with the Audigy? Thanks guys