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Amp setup. Heat concern.

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  • Amp setup. Heat concern.

    This is a picture that I sent to someone asking about the fiberglass enclosure that I want to make for my subs in my trunk.

    Anyway, you can see where I can to put my amps. I'm looking at two options.

    1. Cut an opening the size of the amp so the top is flush with the wood/carpet. Wires will be hidding on the inside. This way the top will have free air to ventilate.

    2. Remove the bottom cover and flip the amp and cover it with Plexi-glass. This way it will match the motherboard that I want to put in the center (cover with Plexi-glass.

    My concern with the second option is the heat will accumilate between the wood and the body of the car and overheat or fry my amp. I can put in some fans (hidden under car) to promote air flow. Perhaps one on each side of each amp. One sucking in and the other blowing out. Perhaps two on each side. 80mm or 120mm...

    Would the fans provide enough airflow to keep the amp cool? How much space should I put between the amp and the fender. 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch. Hopefully not too much more.

    What do you guys think?

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    Most decent quality amplifiers have thermal shutdown circuits in them so frying the amp probably won't happen, however you will have to deal with it shutting down. If you plan on going with the plexiglass (sounds to me like you're going to have the amp completely enclosed) you're definitely going to need fans. 2 fans will probably be enough but I'd put in 4 just to give it the extra air flow, especially if you have to use smaller fans. As far as spacing it off the fender goes 1" should be plenty.


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      I'm not sure fans would be needed...whats the free air space in that box? I'm also assuming this box is going to be ported (bandpass most likely) in some shape or form so that will supply air flow within the box. Just my .02