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  • planning system wiring...

    I have an M10000 setup to use all 3 plugs as output (front,rear,subs). Now if I get 3 1/8 to RCA adapters and run 2 RCAs (front,rear) to my 4 channel amp and 1 RCA to my class D amp and run the rest of the speaker wire correctly from the amps to the speakers I should be all set right? I've hear people talking about needing line drivers to get a strong enough signal but I think they may have been trying to hook directly into the speakers, bypassing any amp(s) what-so-ever. Should I have to worry about signal strength to my amps? I'm guessing its about 12'-15' of RCA to my trunk and I have high quality amps (Orion 8004 and 2500D). Thanks for the input

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    what is the input sensitivity of the amp in volts?
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      sorry.. i had a hard time reading your post due to your avatar

      I'm no audio guru.. but you should be find sending the sound into the amp.. even if they are high class amps..
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