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    I have a sony cdx-m8800 with aux in. I am getting everything together for a carpc and was wondering if I could use the creative mp3+ to tie the pc to my HU? The mp3+ has usb connectivity and 3 rca outs

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    i don't see why not. the aux in of your HU would directly plug into the rca out of the sound card with the 1/8" to dual RCA adapter avail at radioshack.


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      I use the creative Mp3. Its pretty good.
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        I thought the mp3+ only had one RCA output, which would still be good for outputing to your HU. I believe the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX has 3 RCA outputs, not 100% sure though. I just remember it being overkill for what I want to do, so when I get all together, I plan on getting the mp3+.
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          the MP3+ is USB as well PCI. I think the PCI one has 3 1/8" outputs and the USB one has one set of RCA outs. I just bought the USB one.


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            I use the external USB mp3+, works great, couldnt be happier, and no need for the 1/8" to dual RCA adapter.
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