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Mustang wattage?

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  • Mustang wattage?

    Does any one know how many watts the 98 mustang v6 model handles? ie. wattage per speaker. gonna get rid of my head unit, wanna know how powerfull of an amp i need to get. Although i am going to replace the speakers sooner or later, just money is tight, the computer comes first then the sound system.

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    A factory headunit probably only puts out about 10-15 W RMS to each speaker. So if you are happy with the sound now, pretty much any aftermarket amp should be able to create that much power.


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      thanks so much man. i spent hours looking around for this info but didnt find a damn thing on the speaker wattage. gotta love ebay though, bought a 2000watt amp for bout 50bucks. Either ive been out of the audio sceen for a long time and prices are dropping in genereal or i got a good deal.


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        The possible answers to your above quandy are simple:-
        1. The amp will not do 2000W at all
        2. The sound quality will be abismal
        3. The amp will probably last no more than a year at best
        4. The unit will clip like all hell as soon as it is pushed hard
        5. The unit will overheat when asked to work hard at low ohmage levels
        6. It is like all poorly-made cheap tat ICE gear sold on ebay with false power claims
        7. You got the bargain of the century.......(sarcasm)

        Unfortunately mate, there is rarely such thing as a bargain in the world of car audio. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
        Do me a favour and post the link to the auction on here, or alternatively some pictures and info.
        Incidentally, there is no way on this earth that any standard speaker setup could take "2000 Watts" without being reduced to a pile of smouldering ashes. Had you sought more appropriate advice before making this purchase, then you would have perhaps realised that it would be more beneficial to upgrade the speakers before you attempt to change the amplifier.


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          Yeah and 2000 watts is like 150 amps drain if it is 100% efficient. The ONLY amp that I know that comes near this is MTX Class D Thunder 81000D which is a subwoofer amp
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