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For all that said Surround Sound is a waste

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  • For all that said Surround Sound is a waste


    I just mounted my center channel in the car last week. Oh My God it is so AWESOME!!!

    my setup consists of:

    Panasonic CYAC300-EX (digital surround processor)
    D'artigan 6 channel 800 rms (amp)
    digital signal from the EPIA M10000 S/PDIF port
    Infinity Speakers

    I was watching a DivX lastnight (the matrix reloaded) and it sounded so tight.

    Yes it was in the car. No it wasn't a waste of time nor money(usually the people that say that never had it or never experienced it).

    So i am here to say if you have been contimplating surround sound in your car that it is so worth it and the benifits are awesome. Stereo will never compare.

    A cool sidenote is that I can play Need 4 Speed (hot pursuit 2) with surround sound. When those cops get chasing you, you can really tell where they are.
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    unfortunatly most music is stereo though.
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      True... but most movies are not. And now more and more people are encoding music in 5.1 dd

      Everybody that has experienced my car surround sound has came out raving that it sounded exactly like a movie theater
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        but then you'll have to sit in direct center of the car to REALLY experience equal quality from all speakers.


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          No... You are wrong. My surround sound processor has a "stage" feature. Where you set where you are sitting and it compinsates autoimatically. Even when i set it to every seat it still sounds awesome. Unbelievably awesome. Pheonominal, Top Notch

          Shall i go on

          Stop trying to justify the reason that you don't have it.

          Like i said the people who usually knock haven't heard it in the car or don't have it
          -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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            Just get a Mclaren F1, that thing has a center seat.


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              hey antimatter, where in the car is the center chan speaker? Heightwise I mean... headliner, or top of dash, or what? Just curious, thanks.


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                It is actually below the shift boot angled up. When i replaced my front and rear speakers with infinitys i used one of the stock speakers as the center channel
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                  Placebo effect.

                  I have sat in some VERY quality machines that have a center channel setup and even with DSP it doesn't come anywhere close to what I would consider worthwhile.


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                    I believe you that your system is nice, but again for the price I don't think it's worth it. If I were in my car long enough to watch movies, maybe and that's a big maybe. I think my system is very sufficient. Clear and sounds really good. Didn't cost me much either. Like I said though if I was on the road a lot, I would consider spending the money you've spent. Otherwise I don't see the added benefit of having home theatre in the auto. Not to rain on you or anything, because like I've said before I'd love to ride with you and experience the fruits of your labor.
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                      Uhhhh I don't thinkso dude

                      even with DSP
                      you mean DTS??? DSP is just "digital surround processor" and yes that is what i have as does anybody with surround sound even if they have soundcard that supports 5.1. I have an external one by panasonic (CYAC300EX) that was made for the car.

                      One thing you are right about is that it doesn't sound as good as a home system but that goes without saying. How can you expect to have a home stereo system in your car.

                      One thing i will say is that it sounds friggen awesome and is worth and beats out any stereo setup any day of the week hands down.

                      Placebo effect..... i don't think so. Everbody i have had in my car has left saying it sounded like they were at the movies. I didn't even tell them i had surround sound, i just said check this out.... and put on the matrix reloaded and let them judge for themselves.

                      What up now???
                      -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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                        The truth is that i am in my car a lot and i do enjoy the fruits of my labor and if you are ever in Santa Cruz Cali give me a shout and we will go cruz.

                        Stereo may be suffeciant for you but honestly doesn't touch Dolby Digital 5.1
                        -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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                          Yes I meant DSP, not DTS. Your stage is so ridiculously small that even a crafty DSP can't delay the signals enough to make things realistic or movie theater-like for me. You conceed that it doesn't sound as good as home theater but that all your friends claim it sounds just like the movies? How does that figure?

                          How can you expect to have a home stereo system in your car.
                          I appreciate you making my point for me.


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                            Nice try... but no go

                            Yes i am agreeing with you that i the sound stage small and will not sound as good as at home BUT it still sounds awesome.

                            Yes you say that you dont have it because you can't justify it with the added benifits. I say that the benifits justify the cost. I say that it is so much better than stereo at that it sounds magnificant and that every one that has left my car has left amazed. Come up to Santa Cruz for a visit and hear for yourself and stop lying to yourself.

                            Your stage is so ridiculously small that even a crafty DSP can't delay the signals enough to make things realistic or movie theater-like for me.
                            Get a hearing aide dude i can hear bullets fly past me, doors opening and shutting behind me and other surround effects just fine.

                            You say it is not worth it...hmmmm would someone listen to someone who has it and has set it up or someone who doesn't?

                            If you don't want it **** don't put it in the car but don't go around telling people it is not worth it just becasue you can't find a need for it.

                            IT ROCKS
                            -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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                              2 things...

                              1. I am stuck on the edge of getting an external unit like yours. Here's where I stand, P4 2.4GHz Mini-ITX board with Smart 5.1 enabled. Using the Analog signal right to my amps, it works great. But, It converts my volume controls. Master volume becomes front. Then it adds center/sub and rear controls. This is fine, but in an app like MediaCar, adjusting the volume only affects the Master, which is the Front speakers. If I check the one setting in MediaCar setup to link wave/aux/line... Then everything else goes up except for the front.
                              Anyone know of a way to link them ALL?

                              2. DSP is actually 'Digital Signal Processor' - not necessarily surround
                              (just had to nit-pick because I develop firmware for DPS's)
                              -- kingmissel
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