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92 range rover speakers cutting out

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  • 92 range rover speakers cutting out

    I have a 1992 range rover in which i recently installed two 12" subs, a 1000 watt amp, a new kenwood deck and a set of four 4" infinity speakers. Prior to my installation of the new deck, everything functioned fine, and my speakers worked at normal volume. however, the stock land rover deck didn't have an RCA outs so i had a new kenwood deck installed at a local shop (Ultimate Electronics.) After it was installed, the speakers would stop producing sound after a certain volume at which the sound would totally cut out. I called Ultimate and they told me that the speakers were weak and when the sound cut out it was a saftey measure in the deck that shut them off to avoid a short. I accordingly ordered a new set of four infinity speakers and installed them, only to have the same problem. When the volume creeps past 14 the speakers will cease production of sound and the only noise will be from the subs as the cd continues to play. I have no idea what the problem could be, could it be that the installer dident use the corect wires when they wired the headunit in? I know the sub unit and speakers were installed corectly. and the installer did not use a wireing harness they cut the stock harness and wired in the new headunit directly. I think they may have done it wrong. Any Help would be greatly apreciated!
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    If memory serves dont you have door amps in the RR for the speakers???
    I cant remember exactly what year LR did this but I am sure this is the problem. The HU is only supposed to send a pre amp signal to the door amps via the rca pre outs and the door amps do the rest. If you send an amped signal the door amps will cut out. Sounds like when you reach 14 thats passed the threshold of the amps.. when you changed the speaks in the doors were there little black boxes in there??
    Worth checking...
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