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  • Ford Mondeo Estate Ghia X

    I'm a noob at this Car PC lark. I have a 2003 Mondeo Estate Ghia X with the factory Sony radio fitted. It's the 6 Cd auto changer model.

    The documentation that comes with the car is not very technical so I can't find any references to aux in ports.

    However, there is a button on the front that says "CD/Aux" so I'm am hopeful.

    Anyone got any experience with this model of car and radio ? Anyone able to point me in the direction of some additional information ?

    Many thanks,


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    If you find any info about this, I am very grateful, because asking Ford about it is giving no answers at all! They don't know ***** about what's in their cars and that worries me...

    * They do not know if this player fits in my 2001 Ford Galaxy
    * They do no know the size of it or who makes them
    * They do not know the specifications (watt, input/output capabilities etc.)
    * They do not know who to contact to find out

    and I have even asked Ford Norway's head quarter in Oslo about this + the local Ford shop...

    Plans + status:
    + Ford Galaxy 2001
    + 7" GAIN (Xenarc) screen
    + 2,5" 40 GB Samsung drive
    + slot-load DVD/CDRW
    + USB WiFi
    - mainboard (Epia SP?)
    - housing (home made?)
    - power supply (Opus 90W/150W)
    - USB GPS + USB card-reader


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      I don't know the model but most HU don't have an regular RCA Aux input. But when you have a cd-changer you will probably be able to use this input as an Aux. Normally you can use some kind of an adapter plug for this purpose.
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        I have a 2005 mondeo st tdci, i beleive it has the same shape body and spec as your own. I have a aux input in the glove box as well as at the rear of the head unit. The glove box is for your MP3 or minidisc players.
        Hope this helps.