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Subwoofer, face forward or backward?

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  • Subwoofer, face forward or backward?

    Hi all. I just picked up a new subwoofer over the weekend and dropped it into my trunk. Its a pain in the *** to move it around (read: heavy) but a friend of mine said it would sound better if it turned it 180 degrees so that it was firing backward. This makes no sense to me since I sit at the front of the car. If anyone has some more input on whether the sub should face forward or backward, I'd like to hear it...

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    Incidently, it does sound good as it is... I'm just not sure it will be all that better the other way around.

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    yeh, facing backwards leads to better bass, unexplained but proven, ill try find the site that tested it.
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      its becuase if its facing da back of the trunk theres more space for the air to move and creates more vibration witch its perty much wat bass is where as if it faces your seats then the air hits the back of the seats and bounces back or around and makes the subs work more or is just absobered by the seat well thats wat i think at least i know it dose sound better facing back tho becuase i have tested it in many differnt cars


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        I thought turning the box around equals 'boomier' or 'sloppier' bass.
        This usually is good for rap/hiphop.

        Facing forward is more oriented to rock/pop? ie 'punchy' bass.


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          Originally posted by ZanGManN
          I thought turning the box around equals 'boomier' or 'sloppier' bass.
          This usually is good for rap/hiphop.

          Facing forward is more oriented to rock/pop? ie 'punchy' bass.
          I think this is what I was always told too, but I think what type of box you're using makes a big difference as well.


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            Hmmm... interesting input. I guess I'll have to turn it round and give it a shot. I listen to techno music mostly so that fits in with the 'boomy.' The biggest problem at the moment is that the whole fugin tunk rattles way more than I would think it should for the ammount of bass being generated.


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              I rememeber reading somewhere that subs sounded better if they face upwards towards the car's cabin?
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                most newer subs are designed well so that it won't hurt them to be facedup, but a lot of older and lower quality subs will start to get a sagging basket from sitting firing up all the time.

                As for the direction, bass is non-directional anyway so it doesn't really matter, but everyone faces it firing backwards... just the way things are done. jay187's idea that it has more air to move around that way sounds like a good explanation, I find that the bass sounds best when you can't tell its coming from the trunk, ie you just hear and feel it all around you, and facing it backwards will give you that.

                hope that helps. all you can do tho is turn it around and see how you like it each way.


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                  I heard it sounds better when it's in my car.

                  So if you could go ahead and send them UPS and pm me the tracking #


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                    Here's some science behind which direction works best:

                    Bass is omnidirectional, but in the confines of a car, you get the added effect of cancellation to worry about.
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                      Argh... stupid weekend is too far away.

                      That paper you linked to is pretty definative. The only issue I still see is that I have 2 subs and those tests were based on a single sub. This box is so big that it seems to me that it should effectivly block just about anything trying to get passed it. Such as direct or reflected sound waves. Anyways, I'll let you know what happens when I finally get to play with it some more.


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                        In my hatch I had 2 10s on 800w (bridged) at 2ohms. They sounded best when they reflected off the rear glass and back into the cabin. In a regular car. I've always heard/felt the best/strongest when they were faced towards the back. Even in my buddy's sedan with two 12" JLs in a ported box that took up his whole trunk, they faced rear. You'll have to flip them around and figure out which is best for your sound.

                        Dunno what to tell you to do about the rattling... I shook my hatch loose by using my subs all the time.


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                          Eddie's articles are always good.


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                            face them which ever way they sound best. dont face them back because everyone else does it. listen to a song as is and listen to the same song after you've turned them around. obviously adjust the amp or HU settings to get the ideal sound you're looking for for both ways...
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                              Fantomas, definitely. I've been to a number of car audio shops and they've been saying to face them rearward. In the same breath they've been saying that I need bigger amps and larger subs. I wasn't really beleiving them until one of my buddies mentioned there was some truth in it.

                              I wasn't willing to do the work of turning it around until I got some real world input first. But now I'll try both ways and see. I'll post back with what I find.

                              Thanks to everyone for the input.

                              Edit: Well I turned it around. I'll be damned, but it did make it sound a whole hell of a lot better. I thought FOR SURE I wouldn't be able to hear it at all. But I guess that's what 400 watt per channel will do for you.