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    Hi All,

    I have been researching hacked audigy 2 zs drivers to use on my audigy 2 card, after plenty of reading I found the solution was quite difficult and not guaranteed to work, major results from link below:

    ( )

    All I wanted was an equaliser (stereo x2 under the CMSS tab was nice as well),

    Sooooo, the question is, does anyone know of a software equaliser? The one in winamp is limited and only works with winamp, i'm looking for something that can effect all apps that interact with the sound card.

    Any suggestions
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    i googled software+equalizer and found this site
    PHP Code: 
    looks good, but is only a demo...
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      Yeah tried that but it doesn't actually EQ sound as it is leaving the soundcard, you have to open the wav file using this softare then EQ from there, it also doesn't except MP3's, therefore no use to me or I doubt most people on this board

      cheers anway
      if you can't find time to do it right, when are you gonna find time to do it over.


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        I found one, just dont remember the name right now..
        I'll check it and post it when i come home.
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          Now here it is...

          I noticed that it does basicly same that anwida software but has winamp
          plugin and standalone version for line in etc.

          But this could help , Virtual Audio Cable.

          So you route audio through Virtual Audio Cable and Equalizer.. That might work.
          Nobody liked my monkey :(