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Sound Quality loss from Soundcard to Deck ?

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  • Sound Quality loss from Soundcard to Deck ?

    I tend to get my Mp3s from newsgroups as opposed to say Kazaa so the quality is generally very good for mp3.
    I just want to know if it will be as good quality as an MP3 cd, since its going through a headphone jack in my Soundblaster LIVE 5.1, thru an RCA, to the deck.
    Ive heard some ppl need to use a Linedriver to get the best sound.
    I dont want to lose sound between the carputer and the deck, so that my Alpine deck can play out clean sounding quality music.
    Will this set up be enough? What should I change? Is a SB Live 5.1 a good enough card for this?

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    sorry everyone, did a search again and found what I was looking for