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Need some advice about a JDM gen 4 prelude audio system..

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  • Need some advice about a JDM gen 4 prelude audio system..

    I'm in the UK, RHD is a bonus, not a problem, but

    I'm looking at buying a generation 4 Prelude Si-VTEC import (1991-1996)

    I know that the VTEC models had a funky audio system with something
    active feedback on the rear speakers, and an amplified 6x9 centre
    speaker in the rear too.

    I've also seen on some US sites, the option of an adaptor to change the
    Honda Loom to a standard ISO fitment. Does that make all the speakers
    continue working as they would from factory headunit, or does it only
    convert the front speakers (I've heard conflicting info)?

    I'm not adverse to having to replace rear speakers and rewire them to
    bypass the feedback system and rear speaker amp if needed, but if
    possible I would prefer to use the factory speakers initally with my
    choice of headunit, and then upgrade them once I get a feel for what it
    sounds like.

    Also, have I read right that the Prelude active feedback system uses
    2ohm speakers in the rear shelf? Is it difficult to locate 2 Ohm 2 way
    full range speakers? Would they be trickier to upgrade using the
    stnadard setup/wiring/amps?
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    wow, just replace. I don't recall any real problems with my 92 prelude but its been a long time ago. I installed a port in teh middle rear, some did have speakers but not mine. Replaced the rear deck speakers and the door speakers. Also replaced the tweaters in the dash, they make for a great stage btw. Two subs, and a 6 channel amp, headunit and mbquartz speakers made for a very nice sounding car. I may have not had the active response system like you mention though.


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      Cheers. Was tempted to go headless with a PC and a USB tuner, but that depends on whether my Saab fetches enough to leave in the Blaupunkt Modena with AUX input. If it sells to low, then The old cassette goes in, adn the Modena goes in the prelude, unless it has a decent system in.
      4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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        i'm not sure you'll get the help you need, but check the forums at and


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          I'm already a member of Honda Revolutions in the UK, and the Prelude owners association (international) forums, But with guys on here messing with weird audio ideas everyday, I thought I would give it a go.
          4x4 in a turbo stylee.