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Grr - RCA cable broke in amp. Help?

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  • Grr - RCA cable broke in amp. Help?

    So before I got a chance to mount my amps, I had them just lose in the trunk. I tried driving easy, but I'm getting ready for a small race so I got a bit more aggressive. Anyway, my sub box slid into the rca cable sticking out of my amp and broke the rca cable. The "male" part of the cable is now stuck inside the "female" input on my amp. I don't really wanna take the amp apart to try to push it out from the inside of the plug. Any ideas for how to get the part out?

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    The right way to do it, is to push it out from the inside. You could spend hours trying to pull it out with tweezers or something. Or you can take off the cover, push it out with a toothpick and be done in 10 minutes.
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      When you insert a male into a female you should always use protection and bolt the amp down.
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        Tweezers. OOOOOOR if ur really ballsy. take some JB weld/hotglue/something, A REALLY small amount. put it on a tip of a pen. stick it. let dry, pull.