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    Ok presume this
    Car pc -> ampl ->? car speakers
    ok followed me trough this steps? No the question is to go from the ampl to the original speakers trough the original hu plugs/sockets (I mean the ones you use to connect your hu with your car) The question is where do I put the wires for front L/R and rear L/R? So i have this sockets with sixteen or more holes so where are the ones from the speakers??
    Car is a Opel Corsa 1.7 cdti hu siemens cdr 2005
    also view
    On pic nr 4 you can see the blue sockets so there I want to connect but don't know wich holes to use

    If anyone can help me please thx

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    Well for one thing you should be able to get a factory harness plugin to use aftermarket HU. that will give you the pin out of the wires. second for best sound go with a soundblaster live or above sound card with a 4 chanel amp.mp3s will still use the 4 speaker setup as well as dvds. As for wireing the speakers just wire some 18 gauge wire to the speakers cause the factory one are probaly only 22gauge.
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      my advice would be to buy a wiring harness. most wiring harnesses ive seen say what the function of the wire is rihg ton the wire itself. not every manufacturer makes their wires the same color so i cant tell you exactly which ones are which. you could also test out each wire set. for example, plug in the gray and gray/black wires nd see which speaker that comes out.
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        thx maybe I'll just have to search search search till I drop