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Looking for a god deck?

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  • Looking for a god deck?

    I'm looking for a rather simple deck OR maybe even just a station behind the dash :| heres wut i need

    heres wut im purchasing first i guess
    SS2000CA Mini CAM

    As well as a carputer in the trunk
    or in the dash if i can mange to line up a dvd drive properly.

    what should i get for the deck (cheap)
    that will let me output to the system but have an input from the screen

    also does anyone know if this scren can ake rca inputs as well? i'd like to hook up an xbox

    also any info on GPS an dor Sirius satalite radio

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    ok answered my own question lol

    heres part of the new plan
    trunk i will be building my own case out of fibre glass w00t
    i will have an xbox in that with NO dvd drive (ewill make life easier)
    and in there a pc also with probably a dvd drive.
    these will be ran to the front and hooked to my screen

    ok so still wondering about a deck. also does this screen have an output so i can simply change from xbox/pc with the screen and not the deck?



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      It's late and I have been working all day so I am a bit dimmer than normal

      What is a "deck" and how would you output from the screen - the screen is an output device that has inputs on it? Do you mean a head unit for audio?
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        ive always head the head unit called a deck


        yes head unit
        i plan to mount my screen as well as a slim line usb dvd rom into my dash. im trying to figure out how i want to do my sound.

        since ill have a dvd drive im trying to figure if i should jsut NOt have a head unit and use usb sound system from my car puter

        wutcha think?


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          ok heres an image of what im wanting

          i got 90% firgured out
          except for what i want for gps and what to use for a hea dunit :|

          hea dunit does NOT need to have a cd slot since i can use my pc/xbox for all them goodies

          so what do i want to use? anyone ...


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            looks like your problem will be to find a HU with 2 AUX inputs since you will need to have audio for the xbox as well. Maybe a switch to select between the XBOX and Carputer before going into the AUX input would work?

            There are alot of HU's out there with RCA AUX inputs. I got my Clarion DZX545MP off Ebay fro about $100.
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              hm yeah seems i will be mounting my screen down behind the shifter.
              and then i will work the dvd rom drive into the dash bellow my head unit

              my concern is. ive seen some screens with outputs for a second screen.. but this scren doesnt have that. so i will have to install a simple switch before my hu. will work the easiest i think