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'04 civic stock head unit?

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  • '04 civic stock head unit?

    anyone know if this head unit stock in the civic has inputs for rca?
    i really dont wana replace that just yet. but need to have rca inputs.

    i jsut saw the install for a screen in the installs section on another site. they put a screen in a stock civic and never swapped head units

    anyone know?

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    I doubt it's got RCA inputs, however if it has CD changer controls you can probably find an adapter to turn the CD connection into an aux input.


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      we got the cd changer adapters, should work for an 04, but im not positive. honda made some wierd changes throughout the 7th gen over the years


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        I have an '04 Civic also, and I'm just getting started on my carputer project. I did some searching and found that they have converters for all sorts of stock head units at this site: and more specifically for your Civic: ~$50
        I e-mailed them about getting the pinout/protocol for the head unit so that I can wire my head unit to control the song playback, but that was about an hour ago and they haven't gotten back to me yet, I'll repost when they do get back. Either that or I'm going to talk to Honda to see if they can supply me with that information. That site also has a $100 converter that'll do Honda head unit -> Alpine/Sony/etc protocol, but I think that I can build a converter and write a driver for about $20 in parts if I get the pinout/protocol! Again, once I decide on this I'll repost, and if I manage to get the hardware/software working, I'll put up the schematic and driver for the world to use.
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          Sorry to bring up this old thread, but is there anyway to control basic functions of the carputer with this (ff,rw,play,pause,next, back)
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            Well if you were only concerned about 2 ch stereo sound then you could always use an inline FM direct modulator, but it wouldnt allow you to do any type of surround sound either way.
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