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    On my quest for sound quality I have looked a several paths, I want the signal to remain as pure as possible, so that excludes "onboard" sound, I bought an Audigy 2 NX which I am having second thoughts about because its uses to much of my CPU, I would like to get a Panasonic Indash Processor but I really dont have the space/money for it, not only that, but then I would have to run long analog RCA's back to the amp, which is what im trying to avoid in the first place, I have ran across the Pro Xitel Pro HiFi-Link( and I was wondering if anyone has any expierience with this in an automotive environments, it provides 1volt RCA outputs which should be plenty since my Xtant amp has an onboard line driver. Any feedback will be appreciated!


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    I would be very concerned about induced noise with 1 volt outputs. That can be taken care of or prevented through the use fo very expensive RCA cables, a pre amp line driver as close to the source as possible, or careful planning on rca cable routing.

    or nothing may happen. you might get no noise at all. but 1 volt is very, very low in a car audio environment.

    concerning actual source versus noise issues, Ive seen cars with 6 year old pioneer radio's that have 1 bit DAC's take first place at SQ shows. So its possible amazing sound quality is not neccesarily dependant on having optical outs with tons of offboard processing with tube amplifiers and 500 dollar drivers....


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      Is there any crossover/line driver/eq/processor type unit that accepts SPDIF in? Such as AudioControl or something? That would be nice.


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        Alpine PXA-H900, PXA-H700, panasonic has too, kenwood, clarion..


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          anyone know what ohm the SB Audigy 2 gives out? 4, 8, 16?
          CarPC status: iPod, 3,456,217 songs so **** you


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            DjBac, I was looking for something that wasnt a headunit, I have 85 Fiero GT and I have absolutely no room left.