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Need help. (do i need a line driver?) fm mod.

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  • Need help. (do i need a line driver?) fm mod.

    Hey, here's my problem. I hav emy carputer set up and everything.
    Here's the fm modulator i use.
    I have separated power and audio cables, cleaned up wires etc. I do not get any interference because my modulator cancels out all noise excpet what's being sent to it.

    The problem i do have is that the soudn quality isn't great and it's very quiet. I wanna know if i need a line driver to boost my signal? Or is it tha ti need a new sound card (sounblaster pci128). Any input will be appreciated.

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    you can't expect that great of quality from an fm/rf modulator, im taking it that your hu doesnt have an aux in?


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      it is sounding like the cheepest thing to try- you can get it at best buy for about 30 bucks.


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        yes, you are right in that my head unit does not have aux in.

        My FM modulator is supposed to be real high quality though, so that's why i'm wonderin if its just the rca cable that's makin sound ****ty and if a line driver will pump it up.


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          Originally posted by RogerWilco
          you can't expect that great of quality from an fm/rf modulator, im taking it that your hu doesnt have an aux in?

          Don't listen to that crap. If you have a good modulator (connects inline with the antenna lead, not a transmitter) and good cables going to them, you can get very good sound. I've been using my modulator for a year, and it sounds great.

          However, I was using a transmitter at first and every now and then the sound would suck, especially when I would drive near a town that had an 89.1FM station.

          Having said all that, you could possibly have a defective modulator, a defective sound card, or maybe you plugged into the line out insead of the speaker out. Some modulators are made to work with devices that are made to power headphones (then it would be expecting something greater than line-level input and compensates for it). If you plug into line out, then this could wind up causing a quiet result.

          Did you buy your modulator from a reputable stereo shop? If so, take it in and ask them to test it on their testbed.

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            Yes, mine does connect to the antenna. I don't htink i have a defective modulator. I ran my cables right. The rcas are 20 feet long, so i don't know if that affects anything or not. My sound card is really old, so that may be the problem. Thanks for your replies. Any other input still welcome since it seems we have some disputes here.


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              I had the same problem, even with an aux in vs. your modulator setup. Do you have another device to try the modulator out with? (discman, whatever) It turned out the line out on my creative MP3+ sucked..... Replaced it with an Extigy, and all was solved with it's greater line out voltage. Good Luck!!
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                One last thing before you get a new soundcard.... this is probably a dumb question but you never know, are all your Windows volume levels turned up (Main, WAV)?
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