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  • vw owners plz help

    i was wondering if anybody out there that owns a vw has one of these available by anychance . he is no longer selling them as u can see. i know someone on this board said they had one
    they used to use but where thinkin about ditchen there headunit. any help would be much apreciated. plz someone come threw for me i am already almost done my dash install and i really really need this piece.

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    that sucks that hes not selling them anymore! I dont have one either, but may need one at some point in the very distant future. Try looking/asking around on this site, more likely someone will have one than here.

    look in the clasifieds first to see if anyone is selling one, then if not post saying your looking for one.
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      my boy Enfig
      tell him Sam is sending everybody his way.
      Mine needs to be updated.


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        in looking at that first vw site, its got the source and schematics and parts list in the developers area... so if someone on here had the tools they could build one for you. (i don't have a pic programmer)
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          I have built Ed's VWCDPIC from the schematics. It doesn't take long - 2 hours with the soldering iron on.

          I used an DIL/socket format so you can always "burn" a new version if Ed thinks of a new feature.

          I have been using mine for over a year now, no problems. I use Girder to intercept the serial streams. There is a VW head unit input configuration script somewhere on the girder download archive.

          With this system, I use the headunit for audio in and a control surface.


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            Thanks for the help, I checked out the Blitz adapter but i dont see any info on whether or not it still gives retaines the button config (next,previous,back, ect). SAMC u know if it does by anychance. Oh and to the guy that is using girder with his headunit i would love to know alittle more if u would hook me up with alittle info on it.


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              TonyG i would really apreciate some help with this i have checked out the girder forum and read your post on there. I have downloaded the serial port plugin. im not near the stages of using it obvously as seeing i have no adapter but i will either make 1 or as posted above i can use the Blitz vw adapter but i am pretty sure that does not maintain button use. So is it possable to use the Blitz adapter for the audio in and the so called lock pick code. Then use girder from my serial port on my mobo to the cd control lines on the headunit. Just leave them wired together because i do not have a way of programing any adational hardware. I really need to find a solution to this as soon as possable i have already begun my custom dash the radio is integrated with design i dont want to remove hook a vw owner.


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                Hi John,

                Just for clarity I don't use the Blizsafe adapter, just the VWCDPIC for audio and control (sorry if thats not news to you).

                If you look at the VWCDPIC schematic, you will see the serial out port connections. Just connect this and ground to a 9 pin serial connector.

                Next you need to configure the serial plugin from Mark F. This just needs the right protocols setup:

                When you get this far, email me for the .ini file.

                After which its time to set up girder. Basically its a case of setting up commands (next album, genre etc) and triggering them by learning the unique serial streams from the VWCDPIC. Its not as bad as it sounds and is good fun.

                I use the following applications:

                Winamp with albumlist for music
                Zoomplayer for video ( has girder commands built in and simple to set up)
                Mappoint with AGPS for navigation

                All control well using girder and the menu system is controlled by either the head unit or a rotary encoder and 3*buttons for context sensitive options.

                Hope thats a start.



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                  Tony G thanks for the quick response and the info. All that u posterd is exactly the kind of start i was lookin for, i knew u used the vwcdpic (sorry i didnt clear that up) i just thought maybe i could use a blitz for the audio part and then maybe use the girder serial commands from the pc (like u said just making an 9 pin adapter cable) to the control lines on the headunit and just leave it hardwired that way so then there is no firmware flashing needed...
                  i am figuring this would work but i really dont know...i have looked over the schematics but i must say i am pretty ignorant when i comes to them... I understand them to a degree. I know the symbols and such like resisorts and so forth but i am always willing to give it a shot as u said before doing it yourself is fun...I would rather do it myself i am figuring by usin his schematic and lookin at the pic of it on his site i should be able do if i order all the parts on his list then i am ready to go right? So basically build the vwcdpic then make a serial adapter and hook it up to the comp and the vwcdpic and flash the proper firmware and configurations on it with the hook up of your file and im good to go. And always i really apreciate all your help with this severe problem... just on a side note how u like the 1.8 jetta, i have a 2001 vr6 gti i love it but so many damn problems its not even right. anyways thanks the dash is almost done just some more sanding (been like like 3 weeks of it) later i will post a pic of it so far, in this thread. It rotates from a custom face plate to the screen by means of a good ole servo. Also for all your help if somewhere down the road u want a custom flush mount screen i can whip you up one easily i know the dash very very well...anyways later

                  Edit heres some pics ...there will be a slot load drive above the screen


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                    here is 1 a slime slot load will go above it