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Bose HU and aftermarket amp simultaneously wired

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  • Bose HU and aftermarket amp simultaneously wired

    I have a 2001 Nissan Maxima with Bose HU and want to keep the factory unit and speakers. Yet there are no aux input options for the factory HU, so I am using a tape adapter now (sounds bad, but at least the wire is hidden). I am not sure if this is possible, but could I add an aftermarket amplifier and keep the existing setup?

    To use the exising Bose speakers it appears as if a Scosche adapter is necesary (each factory speaker has its own amplifier).

    The adapter has four speaker input wires, could these be wired directly to an amplifier even though the adapter is designed to be used with a reciever (apparently has other wires that are supposed to be attached to the aftermarket reciever wiring harness).

    More importantly could I have the adapter, which plugs into the factory wiring harness, connected alonside the factory HU. So that I could create a switch which switches the wiring harness input from the factory HU to the aftermarket amp. I know this sounds like a convoluted means of getting quality sound input to the factory setup, but I really dont want to get rid of the stock audio sys. Sorry this is so long, first post.

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    So to clarify, is there way I can hook up an input selector to the speaker inputs? I have seen these units for home audio systems, but would it work in a car?

    Home Audio Amp and Speaker Input Selector