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Phatbox-style interface?

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  • Phatbox-style interface?


    I'm planning on building a car PC as I've done many times before, but this time I want it to be as seamless as possible. I'm looking for a cd-changer interface like Phatbox has, so I can connect it to the head-end (willing to rip out the current one for any others) and fake the head end into thinking that the PC is actually just a CD changer, like phatbox.

    Are there any PCI cards/serial adapters and corresponding linux drivers that will allow my PC to do this CD-changer emulation? I can do all the interface scripting fine, it's just writing my own driver that gives me hives.

    FYI, you're probably asking why I don't just buy a phatbox. The answer is that I need wireless connectivity (to do an automatic wireless rsync with my home when my car is parked), and the phatbox isn't expandible or accessible to hack on this kind of stuff (that I know of).

    Thanks for any help, I tried doing a few searches on these forums and all across google with no luck.