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  • kenwood head unit

    hey guys in my wifes car i have a kenwood kdc-9011 and i just added xm to it i have and reaserched how to add inputs to this head unit but can't find it anywhere i have seen on a couple of forums that you can short a couple of pins on it and should get an aux in on the cd changer cable but have tried 3 different ones with no luck i have run out and wonder if any of you have the same head unit wife is getting mad please help

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    On my JVC unit, I had to activate the aux in.. Done by changing from cd-changer to ext.. How about calling Kenwood?


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      you should check out - they have a load of different CD changer>aux cables - may have what you want
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        Kenwood has a standard cable to do the job. It is the CA-C1AX.


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          I have a Kenwood MPV-7019 and plan on doing the same thing. Here is a link to where you can buy it online. I have a satellite tuner with has a plug to put the input into so everything runs in series. You will then have to change your head unit to AUX for this input.


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            thanks thats great do you know how the make them all it does is short a ground or something i just am looking for free pay $50 for stereo and $25 for xm