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Trying to find a Blitzsafe adaper ...

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  • Trying to find a Blitzsafe adaper ...

    From what I can tell, between P.I.E. and BlitzSafe, BlitzSafe seems to be the better choice as it will work with the factory cd changer controls my audio unit in my 2001 Ford Taurus. But I am having trouble locating more than 1 dealer selling these units (for the Taurus that is), and seems to be selling to dealers only (unless I am missing something). Any suggestions?

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    I bought one from here and it just happened to be the cheapest that I could find online.


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      That's the one I found too, I just thought $89 for this adapter was a little high.


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        I just bought one here for my Odyssey. The folks there are super-helpful and knowledgeable. Lots of other carpc stuff too. Send 'em an email if you don't see the right adapter.
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          i work at an audio store and i sell them, i can get it for you if you want.