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Jeep PCI Bus Hack

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  • Jeep PCI Bus Hack

    Has anybody got any info on hacking the Jeep CD Changer cable or PCI bus. I'd like to put my car pc where the changer is now and utilize the cable....but if the changer isn't connected then you can't select it from the HU.
    Any Ideas?

    I know that I can buy units that allow you to connect audio through the cable, like this, but do I really need to spend $90 on a box of ?? when I have a pc that could do the same thing (and more)?

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    Already had this reply in another

    Originally posted by matthew230
    Why don't you keep the CD Changer. Locate the audio cables, cut them and put in RCA female and male plugs. Then you can plug your PC audio into the headunit and leave the CD spinning, plus if you ever take the PC out you can quickly and easily connect the CD Changer audio up again.
    And I can see that that works ok, but I'd like to use the space where the changer is.

    The ultimate CarPC - Wow!