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Remote Head unit Eject Problem FIxed!

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  • Remote Head unit Eject Problem FIxed!

    some of you may remember my post about a remote head unit. i wired the faceplate in the A pillar and the head unit was in the glove box. The problem i had was that because the faceplate was hardwired to the head unit, the head unit thought that the faceplate was allways connected and wouldnt eject the CD (had the same CD in there for 3 weeks and i was going nuts)

    Here is what i did. First i thought that maybe it was just one wire that was giving the signal to the head unit but i tried cutting just one wire and it didnt work so i went to best buy and picked up a Cat5 connector(used to connect 2 ethernet cables together to make one)
    This is what they look like:

    So i cut one of the cat5 cables compleatly in half, then put ethernet ends on the cable, matched up the colors and pluged them into the connector. Now if i want to eject a CD i just need to unplug one cable and it works!

    Of course, if anyone knows where i can get a cuppler like this with an on/off switch i would be very greatfull,,,

    Anyway, it was a simple fix and i thought i would fill you all in on it

    Here is a link to the previous post about the remote head unit:

    and my car domain site for more info on the trac:

    Here are some shots of my ride, be sure to scroll all the way down: