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ps2 audio output?

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  • ps2 audio output?

    I want to put a ps2 in my car. I have no HU, but a m10000 carputer. I have a digitalww flip out touchscreen with 2 video inputs, but no audio inputs. How can I do this, so that when I watch my ps2 I can hear it. THx

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    Shouldn't be a problem, you should have an rca jack or 2 for sound on the ps2
    just plug that cable into the PC's audio injack

    for a cable, use the monster cables
    '95 2 door Yukon

    in dash Xenarc 700TSV
    /w HP laptop

    into (installed)
    HU Alpine 9827 \ AMPS MRD-F540 + M301
    MB Quart 216\213 + DVC 10 Sub

    CarPC Pics


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      Alternatively, you could make a real simple line-out combiner and plug it directly into your amp along with your PC (you do have an amp right? otherwise you're not going to get any sound from your PC either.) The plus side is it bypasses your PC completely, so the PC doesn't need to be on or even there. The minus is it bypasses your computer completely, so you can't control/mute it via software.


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        I have 2 amps, 1 for the sub, and 1 for the Highs. My amps are connected to a three.1 EQ and line driver which is connected to the computers sound card. I do not want the sound system to get in the way of the ps2. Will the monster cable that is posted work with my setup, and which socket on the motherboards sound card do I plug this cable into. Its a M10000 mini itx. Thanks.


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