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    Okay people, I own a 1996 2 door blazer. I'm sure some one out there has worked on one of these, and I would like to appeal to this person(s). I was looking for a stealth sbwoofer install and I was thinking about a place to put my two polk 10"s. Then one day it hit me... I wasn't using and neever really have used the two rear storage compartments below the 6x9 speakers. They
    would be perfect!! I then got the idea to convert the cup holder on top of the compartment into a port. I was wondering if :

    1. any one out there has done this

    2. if anyone knows the exact volume of those storage compartments

    3. if any one can give me a reason why this is not a good place for subs

    Many thanks to all, and may the best of your pasts be the worst of your futures
    Aut cum scuto, aut in scuto