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Noise before Opus turns computer on

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  • Noise before Opus turns computer on

    Hey guys, I have a strange one here that i havent been able to figure out.

    When using my analog circiuit (from the line out on my M10000) i get this really hiddeous noise. Damn i should record this crap for you the mean time i will just explain it.

    Here is what happens. I turn the car on and this loud alternator whine sounding staticy bass thumpy sound fades into full volume until the Opus has waited it's 5 seconds (or is it 10) and turns on the computer. At that very instant the hiddeous sound goes completly away.

    What the heck guys... how do i get rid of this one?
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    i get the same sort of thing and also use onboard sound on a m10k

    mine only lasts 1 second or less though and the sound isnt all that bad
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      that's the whole reason behind a turn on delay for your amps, until your soundcard is actually outputing you are hearing electrical noise, delay the turn on & you will eliminate this, hope this helps...
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        In that case i would need a 20 second delay.

        Anyways i would like to fix the problem not find a workaround.

        Come one guys think this one through with me.

        The horrible noise stops as soon as the opus turns on the computer. What can i test/try to get rid of the noise on the analog line.

        If i really want to get rid of the noise all i have to do would be to switch to my S/PDIF (digital audio line) Then i hear no noise until it is produced and encoded by the computer.

        I would like to get rid of that noise though.

        Anyone with any bright ideas
        -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords