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Car Audio (and computer audio) Guru's I need your help (My Mp3Car Audio is too quiet)

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  • Car Audio (and computer audio) Guru's I need your help (My Mp3Car Audio is too quiet)

    Ok, I have asked about this in the past, but now I have the extra $$ to go ahead and do it.. I am seeking the best (ie cheapest) route.

    Here is what I have
    Jeep Grand Cherokee with Upgraded Infinity System
    (Radio unit with external amplifier and six Infinity 4-ohm speakers. Amp is an Infinity 180w amp, with a factory harness)

    I have replaced the stock radio with a 7" touchscreen connected to a computer. (a la Mp3Car style) and I used a aftermarket "factory" harness to connect my mini-plug computer output into my amplifier. (Harness connects to what used to connect to the radio, and then I have soldered wires to it)

    Now, here is what I want to do. I want my stereo back to the same loudness that I had before. Nothing more, nothing less. I just want my stereo to sound good, doesnt have to be loud (it was loud enough before)

    The problem is I am feeding the amp line-level power (from the computer) into an amp that is wanting a high-input (from the stock stereo)

    As I said, I have asked about this before, and someone mentioned that I get a line driver, but I am not exactly sure what I should get. Now remember I am going to have 2 fronts, and 2 rears. (so 4 channels)

    On ebay I found some like this and some like this. I happen to have a $75 gift certificate to Crutchfield, and I noticed they have these.

    What would you suggest I do here? Hardware hacking articles

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    The first two items you lnked to are LINE DRIVERS, but the Crutchfield item is a Line Output Converter. A line driver will increase the voltage of the signal to the amp. This will help you accomplish what you want. A line output converter takes high level inputs (speaker leads) and converts them into RCAs so they can feed an amp that doesn't have high level inputs. Hopefully this clears it up a little.


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      cool thanks.. Now what is the difference between the two kinds on ebay.. Are they just different form factor? And since I need 4 chans, I assume I will have to buy 2 of them correct? Hardware hacking articles


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        the pg ones are beter than the audiobahns & that seller is sure to have 2 to sell you...
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          I'd look into something more like this, this, or these.


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            Audiocontrol makes some nice gear for this but it's pricey, found this on ebay and it supports a 6.1 system. It's over kill but it will work as a line driver for everything.