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Head Unit suggestion !? plz help

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  • Head Unit suggestion !? plz help

    My current HU took its last dump tonight and while I have been thinking about replacing it as I build my I am left with no choice.

    I am asking for all those who have more exp with car audio then me for help.

    Here is my criteria:

    1) MUST have some type of aux input fer my carputer system.

    2) DO NOT have to be full of bells and whistles E.G. - pretty dolphin graphics, as the HU will be mostly covered by the touch screen anyway (strange set up i know)

    3) not kill in price $$$$ .... I didnt want to have to replace it but noew that I need to im not trying to forfeit my pension on a new HU

    ....links/models would be greatly appreciated along with estimated price if ya know it.

    MODS - sorry if this is in the wrong section ... I guess im still technically new here!

    2002 Suzuki Aerio Sedan ...NOT the stupid wagon

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    What about getting yourself an amp instead of another HU? You are going to hide the HU anyway so I assume you wont be able to use the volume control etc. on the HU...

    Go HU-less with a 4 or 5CH amp?
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      Thats an unexplored option ... could you please elaborate for me ....does that mean i would have to rip apart all my factory speaker wiring and run it all back to an amp ? ...not my idea of fun

      ...I would like to hear more
      2002 Suzuki Aerio Sedan ...NOT the stupid wagon


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        I asked a similar question in this thread.

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          Thank you for that less then useless link
          2002 Suzuki Aerio Sedan ...NOT the stupid wagon


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            I don't know why you thought it was useless. There are links to two HUs in there that fit your description perfectly.
            Carputer - 100% Complete!
            1993 Mazda MX-6 - 100% Totalled!
            Bought new 1995 Saab 900SE Turbo - Need new Micro ATX Case (Simple 101 case maybe?)


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              No you don't have to rip apart your wiring. You could get away with a 20Wx4 or 35Wx4 amplifier and simply run the wires into the dash and connect them to the wires there. Might even be able to mount the amplifier where your HU is now


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                Buy a harness specifically for your model vehicle. It'll save on frustration later on. All the speaker connections can be made from the harness to the amp. You'll also have the switched power wire there in order to wire up your amp and computer power supply.
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                  I was in the same situation as you when my kenwood headunit decided to die on me. What I finally decided on was Pioneer deh-p8600mp.


                  I still plan to install a nice 4 (or 5) channel amp later on but I didn't want to but a bandage fix with just running rcas to the back then speaker connections back up to the original harness. I'd rather rip out all the wires and put new speakers and wiring.

                  BTW this headunit has a 13 band equilizer, auto-adjust settings, 22x4 w rms. All the bells and whistles and then some. My wife thought I lied and installed a amp in the back. No I did not pay crutchfield's $499
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                    I am planning on going with the amp method and no headunit (2001 Diamante). I had a couple questions after reading this thread.

                    I was going to get a 75wx4 Channel amp for my car (not sure what brand yet...any suggestions?).

                    Is it necessary to change the factory speaker wires and why?
                    Can i get away with using my stock speakers, or do i have to change them too? Because my car came with the stock Infinty System, speakers sound good dont know what they can handle though.

                    I am going to get the sub and its amp later down the road.