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Linking headunit to car for radio

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  • Linking headunit to car for radio

    This is just an idea but i was wondering about using a headunit mounted remotely (e.g. in the boot) as an amp and so i could get good radio and RDS and mounting controls and the display up front so i could see the station tuning and the settigns for fade etc then i looked around and saw that new headunits can be linked to existing OEM display units to provide staion details and wondered if this could be hooked upto the PC so the software e.g. frodoplayer could display the info. A relay could then be hooked up so that when you press the radio on the PC the tuner is turned from AUX input to radio mode and transmits the display data to the PC. The presests etc could also be controlled by relays from the PC and the headunit volume buttons could be controlled in this way also or have remote switches somewhere. sorry if i am a bit vague in my description (not quite got a clear head ) but anyone got any views on how hard this would be? Was thinking that you could easily pick up a damaged head unit e.g. CD part broken and use this and as more and ore cars have separate screens like renault, vauxhall etc these stereos must be quite popular now - infact a stanard reanult clio stereo could be perfect and if i remember rightly they are quite powerful (enough for my needs anyway).


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