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rear speakers?

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  • rear speakers?

    I was tryin to get by with using the soundcard built in on my board, its a shuttle MN31L board, 1 line out.. 1 line in which can be the rear out.. well I connected the amp etc just as ppgt94 had shown using the 5.1 setup without the center and the sub. I'm using Mediacar as my front end and when I play music the rear speakers dont seem to be working.. I load up windows media player and everything works and it sounds aweesome.. any suggesions on how to resolve this?

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    Is Mediacar's balance set to 0% left/right?

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      the balance is correct.. sound shifts from Left to right as I move the slider.. and its right in th emiddle so both my left and right work..


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        Hmm, with my audigy 2 nx it works perfect...

        It probably is winamp that's not outputting well, don't know how to fix that. Maybe go into winamp settings directly?
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          The Creative Extigy would work fine too right? Anyones used an Extigy soundcard?


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            There's a plugin for Winamp to do 5.1 sound.


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              yeah some soundcards will only output to the front left and right unless something specifically tells them to, i use and extigy and in order to get the rears to work i need the winamp 5.1 plugin

              however on my audigy the sound is automatically upmixed from 2 channels to 4 channels
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