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Critisim PLEASE!!! + an amp recomendation!

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  • Critisim PLEASE!!! + an amp recomendation!

    Here is what i have planed:

    PIONEER DEH-P5650MP MP3/WMA/CD STEREO OR Carpc(most likely)
    PIONEER TS-W305C 12" 800W PMPO 400w RMS
    PIONEER TS-D690R 6 X 9" 330W PMPO 80w RMS
    PIONEER TS-C160R 6.5" 250w PMPO 60w RMS

    Can all be found here:

    Im after heaps of criticism about the setup and i would also like a recomendation for an amp!


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    what amp are you using, what is your goal? full blow bad *** stereo, or just an enthusiast upgrade? and i would be skeptical about those max power rating. Im not even sure if my 12" JL w6v2 can handle 800 watts for too long. and i never heard of any 6x9 able to handle 330watts. If you do decide to use your carputer for your head unit i would reccomend a audio control line driver. When i put mine in it was like night and day. You getting 1 or 2 12s?


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      I dont know which amp to get thats why im asking.

      I changed the ratings to also include RMS in the first post.
      Could you please recomend me a line driver?

      Also it will be 1 12 as its going to be somehow squished into a ute.



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        Ditch the 6x9s. If you really want rear fill, use the standard speakers runnig off the headunit. In a good system (which I assume you want ) theres no need for them at all. Possible exception would be for 5.1, but you haven't stated whether you want that. In that case, be sure to put the 6x9s in a different airspace to the sub, so they don't get ripped to pieces due to the air pressure. Trust me, it happens

        I'd also be tempted to go with a different company to Pioneer. Pioneer are mainly an electronics company, so whilst their eg headunits can be some of the best ever made, I doubt as much R&D has gone into the speaker side of things.

        Ignore Max Power ratings, most companies get these from running square waves at stupid impedances at low volume for split second. Or they just pull them out their arses to save time. Look at the RMS ratings instead, much more useful

        Linedriver wise, AudioControl would certainly be my first port of call. Theres the Overdrive, which is a simple stereo linedriver, or The Matrix, which is a 6 channel model. Which you use depends on the amps you use, and how you use them.

        I would advise you more on which equipment to buy, but I don't know your budget, and I also have no idea of the prices around where you are


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          I have decided to get rid of the 6x9's and what ive heard of pioneer they arent the best how does this sound?

          to be powered by:
          Rockford Fosgate P5002 1500 WATT 2 Channel Amp

          and Rockford Fosgate HPC2206 6.5"
          to be powered by
          Rockford Fosgate Punch 250a2 250 a2


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            Personally i do not like the new rockford stuff. The older stuff was great but the newer stuff just isnt what it used to be. What kind of budget you on? That might help us in reccomending some equipment.


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              im looking to spend about $800 AU