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    I have a problem with a carputer Vs MR II Mk 2 1992

    Hi guys i have spent days trawling the net trying to figure this out myself but i am defeated an have to turn to ya all for some help.

    i have bought all the components to build me a wicked car puter and i have worked round most of my problems or know how to solve them when i do the install.

    I will remove the 2 Din factory stero and use this space to fit the 7" Touch screen in, fabrication has already been arranged. The pc will be mounted behing the passengers seat strapped to the back wall of the car, i have software sorted the whole lot and im using an opus 150w i understand all that fine. However if im correct behind the panel of the passengers side door there is a factory amp. Its a small silver box dont look like much of an AMP but it is, Into it there is two connectors factory connectors.

    I was wondering how the hell im i gonna connect that upto the car puter without using a head unit, where could i find such a connection ? i know i need to convert it to 2x Aux in but where will i find 2x Aux in to weird factory connector?

    is there a way to do it, there isnt many ppl on here that have done this with an MR2!

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    its probably likely that that amp interfaced with the head unit (that I assume you've completely goten rid of). Without that head unit, its probably not of much use. If I were you, I'd rip out that amp and find the wires that lead off to the speakers. Get yourself a nice replacement amp and run that instead. You'll more than likely get better sound and save yourself a whole lot of hassle.


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      This is my 1st post here so I thought I'd try and be helpful rather than ask dumb newbie questions.

      There are different setups in different MR2's.

      On the 95 T-bar I worked on there are actually 3 amps!

      1 amp for the components - behind passenger seat behind panel with seatbelt/rear left speaker

      1 amp for the left sub - same as above

      1 amp for the right sub - same as above except on the drivers side

      1 sub behind each seat.

      Anyway, in theory you could use these amps, I have a circuit diagram if you want. However it's hard to know what the HU pre-out voltage is and whether it would be a simliar level to your sound card. Bear in mind there is no adjustable gain on these factory amps so this isn't ideal.

      Therefore, if I were you I'd invest in a separate amplifier as not only will it be easier but it means you can upgrade your speakers/sub and give them more power.

      I mounted an amp under the spare wheel in the front so it's completely out of the way and doesn't attract attention from theiving scum. Also being next to the battery makes the power cables nice and short.

      There's easily enough space to fit a 4 channel amp in there. A 4*50wrms amp would be more than enough to power the OEM speakers/sub and you can obviously use a bigger amp if you upgrade your speakers.

      I also managed to squeeze a 12" JL sub in a 1cuft box behind the passenger seat.

      Good luck!


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        re mr2


        my mr2 isnt the t bar but does have the subs behind both seats, if you have a diagram i would appreciate it.

        i spoke to a guy who deals in MR2 REPAIRS today and he seems to think there is a harness that has aux outs that can be converted to a 2.5mm jack straight into the pc from the cabeling that would have been behind the headunit


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          Here's the diagram, sorry it's poor quality, I didn't scan it myself.


          You can buy an Autoleads harness for attaching a different HU.

          And I guess you could put the PC pre-outs into that.

          But then you have a problem of switching between the HU and the PC?

          Unless the HU actually has an input which I didn't think it did?


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            i think there at least 3 different types of audio system in the mk2's with various configurations. dont really know much about mk2's cos ive got a mk1 but if i were you i would sell your factory set up complete with amps and stuff and just buy new amps and rewire it all yourself, at least this way you can be sure of all the connections and not end up guessing!


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              without active speakers
              with active speakers after Jan 94
              with active speakers before Jan 94.

              or, you could get a wiring harness adapter, ones for the active systems cost about 32 tho, be warned!