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Alpine aux adapter issues

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  • Alpine aux adapter issues

    Well I finally got around to getting the the PIE adapter to add auxiliary inputs to my Alpine HU. The PIE adapter is current sensing, thus when it senses current coming from the computer, it switches from the CD changer to the computer, and when the sound goes away it switches back to the changer.

    Now, I am getting a tremendous amount of ingress which the adapter is picking up as current thus ignoring my CD changer even though there is no audiable sound coming from the computer. Now, I have to run a 1/8th (right size??) headphone jack to RCA cable to the adapter but I'm trying to figure out how to cut down on the ingress coming into my system. I am not running any power cable by it with the exception of my monitor power cable.

    any thoughts? or anyone with experience with the Alpine adapter units?