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Infiniti I30 2001 carputer to factory system question...

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  • Infiniti I30 2001 carputer to factory system question...

    Ok, so I finally decided to post a question after searching and reading through this forum. I am a total newbie to car audio, so if my question seems obvious you know why.

    I want to find out if I can connect a carputer or an mp3 player (like an empeg with pre-amp outputs) to an existing factory set up (minus the head unit). I will have to take out the head unit to make room for the screen. I don't know how everything is wired in my car, but assuming this:

    factory HU > factory AMP > Stock Speakers/Sub

    can I set it up like this:

    carputer or empeg > factory amp > stock speakers/sub ?????

    After searching the forums I do realize that it is better to just replace and rewire everything with an aftermarket amp, wire, and speakers but I can't do that because of a limited budget. I went to a local stereo shop, where the guy told me that to do that I will have to buy a 4ch amp for speakers, another amp for subwoofer, buy new speakers and subwoofer and rewire everything to get a decent sound, which is nice, but I don't have $800 - $900 (at least) he said it will cost. According to some forum posts, it can be done (I think) but totally depends on a particular car model and its original factory set up. I would appreciate if anyone who had experience with an I30 or has info about it's setup could help me out.


    2001 Infiniti I30, Factory HU, No Navigation, 6 Disc CD Changer in Trunk.

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    Not sure about I30's. I'm sure you've done this, but I'll post it anyways. Go read up on Infiniti forums and see what they say about it. I am SURE there are people who have upgraded speakers or something else on an I30. If there are people that have put full systems into an ES300 - than I'm SURE someone's done an I30 and posted information online.

    I would ONLY be concerned with 1 question:

    1. Does your radio accept an AUX input via RCA?
    a. If yes, you can hook up the carputer directly to the AUX in of your stock HU
    b. If no, (which is prob. the answer) than you have to check with Blitzsafe or Soundgate and see if they make an AUX adapter unit for your car. Or search and see if someone has figured a mod for an AUX input

    Good luck



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      There is an AUX Adapter for my HU by Soundgate (I think) and it would be ideal if I can hook it up that way, since I get to keep my radio (which I use for traffic reports) and wheel controls. However, I need to find room for the monitor in order to do that... Infiniti's stock nav system's screen is hidden on top of the center console and slides up at the push of a button. If the car doesn't have NAV then the screen housing is just replaced with a piece of plastic. It would be so awesome if I could somehow use that housing for mounting a touch screen in there!! .. but I doubt that the parts guy over there will even get a hint of what I want to do.... worth a try though.


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        From my experience, cars that have a fatory NAV option where the screen pops out from the dash (i.e. Subaru WRX JAP version, Infiniti I30, G35, Mazda 3, etc.) but your car does not have the NAV option - it will be very expensive to purchase just the monitor housing and put your 7" TS in there.

        Best thing to do, if you have a dash compartment (where the NAV screen is supposed to sit if you had the NAV option), fabricate the screen in there and manually lift it up and put it down when you start/stop the car.