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Car Audio People, Help me pick an amp / Jeep GC w/ Infinety System

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  • Car Audio People, Help me pick an amp / Jeep GC w/ Infinety System

    Ok.. I am ordering from crutchfield because I have a $75 gift cert from them.. So don't give me any crap about it, yes I get it.

    I recently removed my car deck and replaced it with a carputer & 7" touchscreen, however the current amp that is in the jeep expects high level input, however my computer only gives line level.. So I am replacing the amp. It needs to be a 4 channel amp and will drive the following:

    2x J/L Audio 2 1/2" tweets (4-ohm)
    2x Infinity woofers Front Doors (4-ohm)
    2x 6.5" Infinity full-range Rear Doors (4-ohm)

    As stated, the previous setup used an amp in the radio (62 watts of total power @ 3% THD) combined with an amp (6-channel 180-watt amplifier) and I am after similar noise levels from before. The Tweets up front have crossovers, so I would imagine that I don't have to put them on their own sep channel.

    My budget is $200-350 on this amp and here is what I am looking @ right now.. Any suggestions?

    Phoenix Gold Octane-R 5.0:4 50W x 4 Car Amplifier

    Sony XM-4060GTX 60W x 4 Car Amp

    Kenwood KAC-8401 60W x 4 Car Amp

    Any other suggestions? Hardware hacking articles

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    First, buy one of these. Then give your mother-in-law the $75 gift certificate to offset your wifes anger.


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      lol Hardware hacking articles


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        This one, although a litlle over the budget...
        or, this one: I've never listened one of these, but after the specs, it seems like a good deal, except there's a litlle thing that bothers me with it. They say it requires a 8 AWG power wire, but after the specs it would be a 4 AWG... Oh well...
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