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  • Basic ICE Question

    Hi, im building a car pc for a ford focus. Its currently got a RDS 6006 indash cd changer, and i realy dont want to swap it as its a 1.6 din size and ive got spoke controles on my wheel.

    The prob is the 6006 does not accept a cd changer at all so could i feed the output from the 6006 and the car pc into a 2 channel amp? Im not after big sound just the basic 50w per speaker type thing (like most standard kenwood head units)

    <Car PC>_____Left__    |
     -------           |   |          _______
                       |---)---InLeft-|  AMP |-Speakers(Left)----        
                       |   |--InRight-|______|-Speakers(Right)---
                       |   |   
    can i link the two systems up to the amp like this? Also if i am only after a small amp as i have no real intrest in subs ect. If i get a small amp will the existing cables be ok?


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    You might want to look into using a crossover that has 2 inputs. The way you are mentioning it you will run into a few issues. Being that the signal from the carputer will go into the amp AND back into the headunit, so you will have a feedback problem basically. Make sense?
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      Get a Clarion EQs 6xx it has an AUX input that you can feed your CarPC into
      01001101010100000011001101000011011000010111001000 1000000101001001101111011000110110101101110011


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        thanks for the replys.

        I understand what you mean Red GTi VR6 about the levels now. I read on a website that a car pc will chuck out about 1.2 volts where as a hu chucks out about 3v



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          FM modulator?? seems like that is what you really are after... you will not have control of the volume through the steering wheel without going this route... quality can be surprisingly good... DO NOT GO WIRELESS, just put a regular FM mod in there and you'll be fine...
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