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1/8 jack CD player/Amp? Is it possible?

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  • 1/8 jack CD player/Amp? Is it possible?

    Hey guys,

    I have a the stock CD player and an amp. Currently, I have a PDA with GPS unit. Well, on my PDA navigation, it has voice guidance and the PDA has a 1/8 stereo jack. I was wondering if theres anyway possible for me to wire the 1/8 jack to the car stereo system so that the PDA will output the voice guidance to the car stereo. I was thinking, maybe i can splice the two wire from the 1/8 jack into the amp . Any help would be appreciated. A lot of people have suggested that I should use the FM modulator but if I do that, I would lose my radio/CD player while having it on Tape mode. My ultimate goal is to be able listen to the radio while having the navigation comes on to tell me where to turn also.

    Thanks a lot,

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    As far as 1/8 to RCA, yes, they make adaptors and your local radio Shack has them for a few bucks. The rest is up to you to try.
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      Are you looking for something like this:

      Or a single 1/8 to a single RCA?
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        best solution is to use a pc that can lower the volume of the music when GPS voice out is active. I'm not sure if there is a way to do this, since the PC CODEC probably uses the same channel for both. If you had a CDROM playing the music, then it might be possible.
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          I understand what you guys are saying by using the 3.5mm to RCA jack. I thought of this idea but after thinking about it, I found out that if I do use the RCA jack, I would have to put my headunit into a AUX mode. If I do that I won't be able to listen to radio/CD from my headunit. I want the output to be on top of whatever I'm listening to. A few had suggested about "line-level converter" which I'm not very familiar with. Any thoughts at all would be cool.

          Thanks guys,